Rugs have been used throught the ages to define areas in a living space, to keep in warmth and as decorative statements.
In the showroom we have timeless traditional rugs that add flair to any room.

We also pride ourselves in having the most unusual statement rugs in all sizes that can be ordered to suit your rooms dimensions.

Practical rugs such as the outside in rug for use as it says ,outside and in the kitchen and hallways . They comes in bright colours and stripes and are very eye-catching.

  • Rubber backed rugs great for wooden floors as they do not slip.
  • Kitchen rugs in flatweave or pattern.
  • Hand washed antique wool rugs in reds, golds and brown.
  • Childrens rugs depicting fairy castles, pirates butterflies.
  • Contemporary rugs in manmade fibres and wool in an array of gorgeous colours.
  • We also stock Cybertex X and cleaner – great for stopping rugs moving. Just cut to size.

Weave types

Loomed Rugs often made by hand on a shuttle loom and are from all over the world.

Knotted Rugs when individual threads are twisted around the warp. These rugs take time to produce and are often complex in design which is reflected in the price.

Tufted Rugs where the pile is made from a tuft of thread being pushed into a pre-formed backing. These are often covered, with a latex backing to fix in place the tufted piles and covered in a plain fabric.

Belgium and Holland command the market for Machine made rugs and the latest technology is used ensuring the end product is of high quality.


Caring for your rugs

Try to always use tools for cleaning rugs as this is much gentler on the pile than uprights.

  • Blot stains and spillages and use cold water to clean.
  • Loop piles are great to clean as you can get rid of all your frustrations by turning them face side down and beating them gently, allowing the grit and dust to be hoovered up after.
  • Always turn your rug if it gets a lot of sun.
  • If you have a polyprop rug make sure you do not put halogen fires too near it or it will melt.!!

Browse around the the showroom and we are sure you will find that perfect rug.

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Would recommend to everyone.

We love our new carpets which were fitted in less than a week from buying them. We found all the staff we met were friendly and efficient both in the shop and by the fitters. We will definitely recommend the shop.



Fabulous service in every way!

McKissocks have an excellent choice of flooring for all your needs from inexpensive to top quality.



Experts in what they do.

Can I just say that this company has to be the best in Fife. Their knowledge and helpfulness cannot be ignored. We did't have a clue as to what we were needing but thanks to them, we have a beautiful carpet and expert fitting from them.